Health & Fitness

At Amonsagana, your health and fitness are of paramount importance because we believe that a healthy life is a happy one. The parks, gardens and nature trails are perfect for your morning walks or tai-chi or simply a place to relax and unwind in. Elevate your pain threshold and treat your soles to good acupressure benefits by walking barefoot on the reflexology paths. If you prefer to sweat it out working on your cardio and abs, you can always hit the gym or fitness corners. A leisurely swim after an exhilarating Zumba class will be most refreshing. Perhaps you would prefer to escape to a day of pampering at the spa instead. The whole range of resort-style facilities and activities is there to meet your every need and interest.

Healthy living at Amonsagana extends to the food that you eat. Not only do our residents get to savour the goodness of the organic fruits and vegetables from their own backyard, they can also enjoy gourmet organic meals at the specialty restaurant.

For peace of mind, on-site medical attention is readily available. Our residents are encouraged to avert medical crises by going for regular check-ups at the in-house health clinic. Specialist doctors will also visit for scheduled appointments.

Socializing & Entertainment

Amonsagana’s Clubhouse is carefully designed and planned into various activity zones including fitness, social activities and entertainment. Besides the gym and swimming pool, there are also specialty restaurant; mini-market; beauty salon and function rooms for social events and skills learning classes. The billiard and mahjong rooms as well as BBQ area are perfect venues for our residents to interact and get to know each other better.

The parks and water catchments provide many peaceful corners for family picnics or simply for you to catch that elusive Tilapia which had been taunting you for some time. For those seeking peace and spiritual enlightenment, the meditation pavilion up on Sagana Peak or the private chapel down by the pond are always available.

Life is always interesting when there is so much to keep you busy at Amonsagana.

Communion with Nature

Amonsagana is immersed in a very rich and natural environment that is home to many diverse species of native flora and fauna. Our mountain community has many opportunities to commune with nature and live in harmony with the surrounding natural environment. Tree-lined pedestrian walkways and footpaths give a certain rustic charm and character to the entire development. The natural ambience is further preserved with extensive landscaping using mainly native plants and trees which are both ornamental and edible for all to appreciate and enjoy.

A protected eco-zone which features natural limestone caves, holiday chalets and health spa; native tree nursery and reserve; herb garden and fruit orchard are set to amaze and intrigue your visiting friends and family as well.

Other Amenities

Besides the many facilities that provide for year-round activities, we also pay close attention to provide our residents with the basic amenities which are often taken for granted but no less important to living a life of abundance at Amonsagana. A comprehensive road network to access every home and drainage system which ensures that excess water is collected only in the catch basins. High perimeter walls with a main entrance gate monitored 24/7 by trained security guards and CCTV surveillance system offer our residents a strong sense of comfort and familiarity. Public water supply is augmented by a central water storage system which ensures that the taps will never run dry. Fibre optic communication lines enables high-speed internet access and quality cable television for every home.

To give our residents further peace of mind, our well-trained team of management and maintenance personnel including electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters and gardeners are on hand to take care of your routine repair and maintenance needs as well as to keep the shared facilities in tip-top condition for communal use.

Organic Farm

What distinguishes Amonsagana from other developments is the presence of a 4 hectare farm dedicated exclusively to the production and provision of fresh healthy organic produce not just to supply to the specialty shops and restaurants but for our residents and their visitors as well. It serves as an extension of the “Amonsagana organic gardening community” wherein residents can meet to exchange ideas and trade their own fresh produce with others at the “Farmers’ Exchange”.