Amonsagana Retirement Village


Amonsagana Retirement Village - Concept Master Plan


  1. Park & tree nursery
  2. SAGANA PEAK - observation pavilion, park & meditation garden
  3. Catch basin with chapel, garden & picnic groves
  4. Clubhouse and communal facilities
  5. Catch basin with fitness & fishing corners, picnic pavilions and gardens
  6. SAGANA FARM (not part of the development includes organic farm, tree reserve, nature trail, eco-zone and commercial center)

Amonsagana is master planned as a premier class horizontal development with each home being a villa built on its own exclusive lot. The masterplan was created in the belief that neighbourhoods are shaped by the residents’ desire to interact with one another and with the natural environment surrounding them. Spread over an area of 32 hectares, Amonsagana is developed in 4 phases or sub-villages, each being named to honor and celebrate one of the four elements. Each phase or sub-village is designed as an exclusive enclave of quality homes, connected yet distinct from another. Aligned to its green and eco-friendly design philosophy, more than 40 percent of the land area is dedicated to roads, parks, gardens, water catchment basins, organic farm, eco-zone and other community facilities.

Dignified & Detailed

Each house model is as precious as the gemstone it is named after – Moonstone, Opal, Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire and Ruby. But what makes it truly invaluable is the carefully planned and nurtured organic garden which comes with every home completed and delivered.


The first phase of Amonsagana, Saga Tierra, named for the solid earth on which homes and lives are built, offers an exclusive enclave of 66 detached villas located on lots with hilly terrain elevated up to 220 meters above sea level. The villas are modern day interpretations of traditional Filipino architecture, blending the old with the new for beautifully designed efficient houses which are also available in a variety of floor plans to suit every lifestyle. Saga Tierra offers five house models with floor areas ranging from 238 to 302 square meters. Lot sizes vary from 452 to 674 square meters each, the choice of which depends on the preferred house model. Each villa is thoughtfully positioned to take advantage of the panoramic views and optimum orientation for natural sun light and ventilation.

Walk into an Amonsagana home and you will feel the immediate sense of warmth and comfort. Notice the attention to architectural details. Open concept living and dining rooms with high double-volume ceilings maximize the spatial effects. Dormer roof with skylight, large glass windows and doors with louvers bring in natural light, ventilation and of course the amazing views. Separate wet and dry kitchens serve the peculiar needs of Asian cooking styles. Even the nifty “bangguera” is there for very practical reasons.

The interior layouts are based not just on ergonomics and circulation but planned with much consideration for PWD mobility and access. Staircases are designed to accommodate chair lifts if required. The garage is located with direct access into the house by the stairs or ramp, another PWD-friendly feature. And the jewel in the crown must be the planned and planted organic garden which is ready for the house owner to continue enjoying long after he has moved into his dream home.

A perfect home to celebrate a life of abundance - only at Amonsagana.

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