An Active Lifestyle

Amonsagana Retirement Village is a community of independent, like-minded and active seniors who, like you, have made the ideal lifestyle choice to be part of a vibrant residential community who indulge in getting the most out of life, doing the things they always wanted to do. It offers you a comprehensive range of activities, amenities and facilities where your desire for an active, enjoyable and healthy lifestyle can be fulfilled.

Enjoy active living with a combination of physical and recreational activities. Soak in the sun and the great outdoors getting your adrenalin pumping while biking up the mountain trail. Challenge your personal trainer while having your cardio-workout at the gym. And if you prefer something less strenuous, join the ballroom dancing classes or just go fishing after you are done with your tai-chi practice.

The Amonsagana community comes to life with something for everyone – you have the freedom to choose what suits you. You may love to party or enjoy a noisy game of mahjong or you may take a quiet walk through the nature reserve, hoping to catch a glimpse of a native bird or two. You can be truly independent in your lifestyle choices yet always comforted by the assurance that you can always get the support of your fellow residents in times of need.

A Fulfilling Lifestyle

Living the abundant life with enhanced levels of physical, mental, social and emotional wellness is not all there is to it. The Amonsagana community also believes in the pursuit of a fulfilling life through the pursuit of intellectual, occupational and spiritual wellness. Fulfilment comes in many forms – some may choose to donate their wisdom and expertise by teaching others new skills through yoga, pottery-making, calligraphy or even stock trading classes. Others may find inner peace just by meditating up in the quiet calm of Sagana Peak. And there will be those ardent organic food converts who are happiest filling up every nook and cranny of their garden with the most exotic organic fruits and vegetables and find great joy in sharing their bountiful harvests with everyone else.

 At Amonsagana, you can live a fulfilling lifestyle amongst friends whom you have just met.

A Purposeful Lifestyle

Being a resident of Amonsagana places you in the company of the enlightened ones who have discovered the true meaning of living a purposeful life. You will realize that the Amonsagana lifestyle demonstrates ways of living a nature-connected lifestyle which is in harmony with the other people in the community. Our residents demonstrate their heart for the environment by using renewable energy sources such as solar power, practise waste management and water conservation as well as sustainable organic food production that is free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It educates and empowers residents to become as sentinels to protect the environment and leave behind a powerful legacy to inspire future generations.

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