What does “Amonsagana” mean?

The word “amonsagana” is derived from two Filipino dialects: “amon” in Illongo means “our” and “sagana” in Cebuano means “abundance”. So together it means “Our Abundance”, alluding to the abundant lifestyle offered by Amonsagana.

Who are the designers of Amonsagana?

Principal Architect and Environment Planner, Archt. Ma. Lourdes Martinez Onozawa, is responsible for the concept masterplan of the entire project. Her design company, MLMO, together with RE2, another architectural firm, designed the 5 house models for Saga Tierra (Amonsagana Phase 1). Hydrologist and Waste Water Treatment Specialist, Dr. Danilo Jaque, handled the design for the drainage, water distribution, waste water treatment systems. Engr. Romeo Decena ensured that an efficient road network fitted to the natural contours of the terrain is put in place after Engr. C.N. Ramientos, a reputable geologist, had determined the slope and stability of the soil.

Are the roads and other infrastructure development completed already?

The road network and site development works including provision of power, telecommunication and water supply lines, are scheduled to be fully completed by August 2016.

Is there a model house which is open for viewing?

Yes, our model house on site is available for viewing strictly by appointment only. Please contact us for an appointment if you are interested to view it.

Are your houses and lots for sale? Can I buy a lot only?

Our house and lot is sold as a package - you will need to choose the lot and then the house model you wish to build on the selected lot first. The selling price will be based on the lot and house model selected. We do not sell lot only.

What is your selling price like? What are the payment terms?

Please contact us. We will be happy to explain more about our selling prices and payment terms in relation to your specific interest.

If I am foreigner, can I buy into Amonsagana?

Though there are restrictions on the purchase of landed real estate by foreigners, there are also ways in which a foreigner may be able to purchase a house and lot in Amonsagana. Please contact us for more details on the possibilities.

Has the subdivision of the land into subdivided lots been approved?

Yes, the subdivision of the land into residential and common area lots has been approved by the Bureau of Lands and the Transfer Certificate of Titles (TCTs) for the respective subdivided lots have already been issued by the Registrar of Deeds.

What is the tenure of the land? Are there any encumbrances on the titles?

The land is freehold and the TCTs are free from any lien or encumbrance (that is, all titles are clean).

Are there banks willing to finance my purchase of a house and lot in Amonsagana?

Yes – six banks; BPI Family Savings Bank, Banco de Oro, Security Bank, MetroBank, Asia United Bank (AUB) and  Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCOM) have accredited the project for end-buyer financing. However, other local banks such as UnionBank, PNB, ChinaBank and RCBC are all willing to lend to prospective buyers even without first accrediting the project. Please contact us for more information on the banks and their requirements.

Is Amonsagana accredited with the PRA?

Yes, Amonsagana has been accredited with the PRA as a retirement facility since November 2015.

More Questions?

For more information or if you wish to reserve a house and lot. please contact us. Our sales and marketing personnel will be more than happy to assist you.

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