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Amonsagana’s “Holistic Healing from Your Garden” with renowned medical guru, Dr. Albert Jo.

Posted on October 30, 2018


Who is Dr. Albert Jo?

Dr. Albert Jo, a renowned medical doctor-turned chef and medical guru, is a staunch advocate of organic farming and holistic wellness — a journey that starts with an inner will of determination leading to a changed lifestyle where food is the medicine itself.

As an aspiring chef, Dr. Jo formulates recipes with herbs and vegetables that are beneficial to a person’s well-being. Some of the ingredients he uses are flowers for energy and as antioxidants and gotu kola as memory-enhancer. From salads, main courses and desserts, he makes sure that they would bring healing to the body.

Dr. Jo always emphasizes that to fight many diseases and illnesses – mostly caused by viruses, we must boost our immune system. To do so, we must eat the right and nutritious food that are readily available around us. Like coconut (buko) and horseradish (malunggay) that are rich in Calcium, Vitamins C and A, Potassium, and other Proteins and Minerals that the body needs.

He believes that everything is provided to us by God, we just have to look around and see that there are many plants and herbs that benefit our health, if utilized properly. He also emphasized the advantage of organic farming especially to farmers and their families because of the health benefits that they may have from organic products.

He established “Rapha Valley” with the intention of sharing the benefits of good food and nutrition to health. Rapha Valley uses an aquaphonic system and green manure system, where water and slime from the pond and withered uprooted crops serve as fertilizer to the plants, respectively. It also introduces the back to basic farming in ordinary farm practices such as vermi-composting. Dr. Jo assures that all their products are chemical free.

He recommends detoxifying at least four times a year. One way to start is by going on a cleanse wherein you drink a mixture of 4 litres of water mixed with 20 kalamansi (lime) juice, 2 tbsp of black strap molasses and 1 tbsp of cayenne powder or sili labuyo. This mixture must then be drank every day for 3 days and is the only thing you are allowed to consume during the cleanse.

Frying food, especially in teflon frying pans and such, strips healthy vegetables of their nutrients and adds carcinogens and chemicals that can cause Alzheimer’s disease to your food. One good way of forgoing frying is by cooking your food in traditional clay pots (slow cooking). This is what Dr. Jo does for most of the food served at Rapha Valley.

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