The Developer

Amonsagana is conceptualized and developed by Syntech Properties, Inc., a related company of the Singapore-based Woh Hup Group, who has a 90-year track record in the business of construction and real estate development throughout the region. The company pioneered condominium living in Cebu with the successful development of the 360-unit Citylights Gardens, an exclusive resort-style condominium in Cebu City. SYNTECH now introduces a new lifestyle concept through Amonsagana – the integrated retirement village of the future.

The Vision

Our vision for Amonsagana is to build a retirement village community that embraces the rich traditions of the past to form a close-knit communal structure united by common ecological and social values which are grounded on the principles of environmental sustainability. Drawing inspiration from the village community spirit of the past, we re-create a modern village wherein our residents enjoy a lifestyle of abundant choices yet are intrinsically bonded by a heart of caring for each other and the environment.

Amonsagana Beginnings

Woh Hup Private Limited

Syntech Properties Incorporated

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